Rapid Capability Development

The Tauri Group supports defense clients with the challenging mission of foreseeing and responding to urgent needs that can be satisfied by identifying and rapidly fielding current or emerging technologies.

Our Expertise

Through research, analysis, continuous collaboration, prototype development, and use of technology demonstrations, we have an immediate impact on our clients’ ability to accelerate the delivery of cutting-edge solutions to the warfighter. Our success has been dependent on having senior technical staff and subject matter experts who can rapidly identify and access these technologies, coupled with streamlined and effective procedures to move the technologies from the lab to the field. Success is achieved by our team understanding state-of-the-art developments and by conferring on an ongoing basis with U.S. military services, the intelligence community, the Department of Defense, other US Government organizations, academia, and commercial industry.

Our Support

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) provide their expertise across a wide range of technology areas, including lasers and optics; spectroscopy and imaging; explosive detection, dismantlement, and render safe; signal processing and communication; active and passive sensors; data fusion and knowledge management; and cyber warfare. Our support includes:

  • Scientific and Technical Analyses
  • Technology Foraging
  • Technology Readiness Assessments
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Project, Program, and Portfolio Management
  • Financial and Budget Execution and Oversight