News 26 February 2018

Tauri Group Awarded Edgewood Chemical Biological Center Physical Science Division Contract

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Feb. 26, 2018 — The Tauri Group was recently awarded a Physical Science Division Task Order under Edgewood Chemical Biological Center’s (ECBC) Research and Technology BPA. This five-year contract provides support for the transition of emerging technologies to the warfighter that enhance capabilities for integrated early warning (IEW) of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear hazards. It also provides support to the demonstration of a common operating environment for early warning.

Mark Malatesta, Director of Tauri’s Technology Assessment and Integration Division, said of the award, “We are honored to be part of a collaborative effort that leverages existing biosurveillance and response tools across DoD, DHS and other partner organizations. The Tauri Group is excited to support novel technology advances and the role they play in supporting the Warfighter and their mission.”

ECBC describes itself as having a “…unique role in technology development… It fosters research, development, testing, and application of technologies for protecting warfighters, first responders and the nation from chemical and biological warfare agents. ECBC is currently developing better ways to remotely detect these chemical and biological materials – before the warfighter or first responder ever enters the threat zone. ECBC is also developing a new generation of technologies to counter everything from homemade explosives to biological aerosols to traditional and non-traditional chemical hazards.”

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