Life Sciences

Tauri provides industry-leading life sciences expertise for military medical programs, with unique expertise in effectively aligning efforts to simultaneously meet Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory requirements.

Our Expertise

The Tauri Group possesses a deep bench of highly-skilled and experienced life science professionals, including scientists, bioengineers, doctors, veterinarians, and pharmaceutical experts. In working closely with our life science clients and partners, we blend this subject matter expertise with our firm’s analytical abilities and operational experience to identify solutions that will be effective in intended operational environments. Throughout our efforts, we foster transparent processes and effective communication that ensures knowledge transfer, exploits lessons learned, and identifies the best capabilities.

Our Support

Our services are based on the core philosophy that integrating programs and capabilities across organizations most effectively facilitates the transition of life science and medical products from basic research through advanced development and manufacturing to fielding. Our support includes:

  • Non-clinical, Pre-clinical, and Clinical Research and Development
  • Medical Acquisition Management
  • Regulatory Affairs Analysis
  • Support to FDA Licensure Efforts, including Animal Rule Application
  • Advanced Manufacturing of Medical Countermeasures
  • Integrated Medical Logistics Management
  • Biosafety Program Management
  • Studies, Assessments, and Analyses of Alternatives
  • Financial Management
  • Budget and Planning