In domains where threats evolve daily, The Tauri Group is providing expert-level support to assess both current environments and future scenarios, and to identify technologies and operational concepts that mitigate those threats.

Our Expertise

The Tauri Group employs subject matter experts (SMEs) with experience providing programmatic, technical, scientific, and analytical support to the intelligence and counterintelligence communities. We have assisted clients with initiating programs and community-wide strategies to improve intelligence-related data collection, analysis, assessment, and information dissemination. We have:

  • Led research and development of defense materials that can help counter weapons of mass destruction (CWMD);
  • Conducted assessments of emerging technologies and their impact on national security and intelligence analysis;
  • Prioritized and managed intelligence collection, analysis, and future technology research projects.

Our Support

The Tauri Group provides specialized support to intelligence community (IC) clients and stakeholders, with emphases on rapid technology transition and effective engagement with non-traditional commercial firms to assess their technologies for defense and homeland security use. Our support includes:

  • Engagement and Collaboration with and across IC Mission Partners
  • Program Management and Mission Support Services
  • Technical and Scientific Analysis
  • Technology Foraging and Assessments
  • Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Cyberspace Intelligence and Operations
  • Vulnerability and Technological Assessments
  • Intelligence Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Capability and Utility Assessments