SeaPort-e Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Program

Our Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) management system ensures compliance with SeaPort-e SOW requirements. The Tauri Group is committed to providing quality products and services to our clients and their customers. We recognize this quality is best achieved through close teamwork, communication with internal and external customers, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

We pursue the goal of satisfying all client needs and expectations, as well as those of customers and related participants, by:

  • Identifying Government needs and expectations and working with the Government to translate them into delivery order requirements
  • Developing and implementing an aggressive audit and surveillance program
  • Developing and implementing a firm preventive and corrective action program
  • Continuously reviewing and improving critical processes
  • Employing a QA/QC System providing the structure and flexibility to ensure quality without encumbering on-going projects, and maintaining active training

On a day-to-day basis, our PMs are responsible for meeting QA/QC performance and product standards. They are highly qualified managers who understand the importance of quality management both for internal Navy and Marine Corps activities and for establishing a technical performance framework to manage overall SeaPort-e projects.

The Tauri Team recognizes that providing successful support to SeaPort-e clients requires managing our activities in a systematic, consistent, and visible way that aligns with project goals and objectives. We actively promote the commitment to quality that must be present throughout every element of our efforts, and we hold each employee accountable for the performance of processes they control and the quality of products they generate. We formalize quality management and business processes needed to provide a foundation for a high level of performance, and promote a culture of continual improvement. Our PMs work with the Government PM and COTR to establish appropriate levels of oversight to ensure quality input.